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Racing Report

Super Coupe Series - Renault 5 GT Turbo/Honda CRX/VW Polo G40

Thruxton - Sunday September 15th
Circuit Length: 2.35 miles

Driver : Denise Manderscheid, Car No: 96

Qualifying: The best way for me describe last Sundays race is 'Pure Magic' - 1 thoroughly enjoyed myself on a circuit which 1 knew was going to be difficult. I didn't realise how difficult until I had finished qualifying - I was pretty well drained at the end of qualifying. But qualify I did in 23rd position out of 25. The car throughout was running beautifully.

Race Day: I was one of two local drivers taking part - Steve Alderton from Liphook, unfortunately broke his gearbox during qualifying and was forced to retire. The race itself was fast and furious and as expected the majority of the field took off ahead of me and I was left with a couple of other back markers. At one point a Renault 5 spun out at the back of the circuit in front of us - no time to think about it just aim for him and keep on going. Instinctively I lifted off the throttle, felt the back-end begin to go and just as quickly firmly planted the right foot to the floor, aimed for the spinner and kept on going straight past him.

For most of the race we kept the rest of the pack in view although far enough away that we could not catch up. However, we had our own race and towards the latter part of the 10 lap race, 1 passed the VW I had been shadowing for far too long. It was short lived. As I stepped aside to let the race leader lap me the VW also took advantage and passed me as well. Drat.... not enough time left for me to get past him again before the end of the race!

To be honest 1 was just getting to grips with the circuit when the race finished! With the lack of features and the tricky complex section it is a very interesting circuit indeed.

Talking to members of the general public after the race it seems the Super Coupes was very enjoyable to watch with lots of action from the front runners especially in the chicane where several spun out.

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