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Racing Report

Snetterton, Norfolk - May 31st 1999
Circuit Length: 1.95 miles

Driver : Denise Manderscheid, Car No: 21
Comment : Qualified 26th Finished 22nd out of 30 starters

Qualifying: For a change it was not too early a start from home on Sunday May 30th for the qualifying just after 2 pm A few rain clouds in the sky threatened to give me a damp qualifying but in the end it stayed dry and slightly windy - actually very good conditions.

The qualifying session went reasonably well and without mishap until the end of the session. Coming around Coram curve down to Russell (a sharp right followed by a quick left hander just before the start-finish straight) I was in a group of about four cars.

The car in front of me (driven by Pete Weston) locked up going into the right hander and ended up going straight on into the grass/gravel and loose stones. As he spun out of control I entered Russell only to find that as I came into the left-hander Paul was coming out of the grassy bit backwards and straight at me! He was also kicking up a large amount of dust which made visibility very poor indeed. Confronted with Pete's passenger side door right in front of me the only think I could do was swerve right and try to go around him. This I did and got away with it. A sticky moment there - really thought my front end was going to become a part of Pete's car!

Mike, my husband was standing at Russell taking pictures and has a shot of me entering a dust cloud with the rear end of Pete's car just visible in front of me. Definitely one for the album that one.

After all that I qualified 26th .

The Main Race: A slight breeze was still blowing as it came time for the Mini's to race. Even the sun came out briefly.

Following the green flag lap we all formed up on the grid in out positions. The lights turned to red then green - we were off. I gunned it straight ahead passing two cars and coming up to a gaggle of mini's heading for the first corner.

I was getting squeezed but held my position - a couple of cars in front had collided but looked like they were going to spin off and not be in my way. Suddenly I was nudged at the rear and this pushed me into the car in front. I slid sideways off onto the grass and continued bumping across the grass and gravel until I could re-enter the track just beyond the corner. There seemed no real damage to my car and I just carried on down the long Rivett straight to the Esses which lead onto the very fast and flat out Coram curve - a really nice corner for keeping the foot in and hanging the back out! Great fun.

Coming up to Russell I was again in a group but we all managed to get through Russell without mishap. And so the race continued fairly sedately for Mini's. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that we were all heading for Spa Francorchamp in Belgium two days later?

All the team members finished without major damage to their cars - Rob was 2nd, Jason 11th, Jonathan 21st me 22nd and Phil 23rd.

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