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Racing Report

Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk - November 1st 1998
Circuit Length: 1.95 miles

Driver : Denise Manderscheid, Car No: 36
Comment : A good result ……Qualified 9th Finished 6th

Qualifying: Sunday dawned with a clear, bright but very cold day - so cold in fact that we had to remove ice off the windscreen before driving to the circuit. We had driven up to Snetterton the afternoon before in appalling weather - driving rain and strong wind. However, the race day was to stay dry and sunny albeit rather cold out of the sun.

By the time the Mini's went out on the track there was very definitely a dry line. I had decided to take it easy for the first couple of laps in order to warm up the tyres and brakes and find out where any slippery/greasy spots were. As it happened I decided conditions were good enough for me to go for it on the third lap. All was going well until I turned into the Esses (a left then right hander) following the long/fast Revett straight. Down into third for the left hander, no problem then on the brakes before going down into 2nd and a turn in to the right. I turned in, the back-end stepped out and I suddenly found myself side-ways sliding. As luck would have it I managed to keep it on the black stuff, put down the power and carried on in 2nd gear to the Bomb Hole. The remainder of the qualifying session was uneventful - the car was going well and I did well enough to give me 9th position in class.

Race Day: For the winter series the Miglia's and the Mini's were racing together. The Miglia's filled the first nine positions on the grid while the Mini Se7en's took the next eighteen. It was still quite cold but the sun had shone for most of the day and to continue to do so the whole of the race.

The leaders in The Miglia's gave the Se7ens an interesting start. The two leaders came together at the first corner and several cars ended up side-ways. For the rest of us it was a question of keep your foot in and just get past and this we did.

I had made up a couple of places and was keeping up with the pack when the car in front of me lost it in the Esses and spun off. Fortunately I did not get caught up in it but it did cost me some time and this meant the cars in front got away from me sufficiently that it made it very difficult to catch them up. I was trying hard and this caused me to go into Russell Bend (the chicane just before the start finish line) off line throwing me over onto the kerb on the right hand side. The back end came round and I ended up all out of shape. I straightened it out and kept on going but by this time I had lost all hope of catching up the pack in front of me.

All that remained was for me to finish the race - in 6th position.

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