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Racing Report

Snetterton, Norfolk - September 2nd 2000
Circuit length 1.95 miles

Driver : Denise Manderscheid, Car No: 21
Comment : Started 24th out of 32 starters - Finished 21st

Qualifying : A very grey and damp day dawned for our early morning qualifying. Not unusual for Snetterton to be wet - it has been known to be almost underwater at places around the track. Fortunately it was not destined to be that bad this race day.

Judging the track to be a bit greasy but not really wet I went out on intermediate tyres. It drizzled on and off for most of the session. Getting a clear lap in proved problematic when held up by slower cars which for whatever reason felt unable to give way.

Help was on the way in the form of the front runners who caught up with us just as we came to the Bomb Hole. Letting the first two go by, there was sufficient space for me to pull out and tuck in behind before a couple of others caught me up - thus enabling me to get past and ahead at last. The next couple of laps enabled me to knock off 4 secs from my previous lap times - if only there had been more time before the end of the qualifying session.

Race Day : It had been raining fairly hard on and off for most of the day - shortly before the race the sun came out and it looked as if we were going to be lucky and have a dry race. As we all lined up in our grid positions the sun was still out, the red light changed to green and we all tore down the Senna Straight to Riches corner. Most of us made it through safely and continued on down to Sear Corner followed by the Rivett Straight, the Esses leading into the Bombhole and Coram Curve then round to Russell Bend before the Senna Straight once more.

By the 3rd lap the weather had decided to change its mind and it poured down - visibility was very poor for the next few laps as we all tried to keep up and stay on the black stuff. Then as suddenly as it started to rain it stopped, the sun came out again.

Jonathan Hudson and I started trading positions. On the penultimate lap I was able to get ahead of him down the Rivett straight - I nearly lost it all when I went into the Esses a bit too fast and locked up. Sensing I was about to lose a position I fought to keep my car on the tarmac and managed to guide it around the Esses. and round to the bombhole. Jonathon by this time was close on my tail and I pushed hard through the Bombhole and Coram Curve, down onto the start finish straight ready for the next lap. I managed to keep ahead of him until the chequered flag - just.

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