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Our logo is an Armillary super-imposed onto a photograph of the Meon valley in Hampshire, UK.

An Armillary is one of the most accurate sundials ever made.

The Armillary Sphere was an early stage in the history of horology (the science of measuring time).

The rising and setting of the sun governs our day, hence the model of the motions of the sun and the stars was an important step in the understanding of time.

The current sphere is a refinement of the earlier solid celestial spheres developed by Greek scientists such as Archimedes. Being solid made if difficult to imagine the position of the Earth at the centre, consequently these spheres developed a more skeletal appearance, consisting of a series of rings and becoming known as Armillary Spheres, presumably from the Latin word "armilla" meaning bracelet.

The Armillary Sphere was most commonly used in the 16th and 17th Centuries as a teaching instrument to explain the motion of the Sun and stars in relation to the Earth, hence illustrating the basic principles of astronomy and horology.


A word from the Founder, Denise Manderscheid:

Terra Novus first evolved in 1993 with a dual aim:

  • To bring office services, conference facilities, hot-desking and computing knowledge to small businesses,
  • Contracting out my own computer skills.

By 1996 the company had grown to three permanent staff and ten part-time staff called upon as needed to do the telesales and mail-shots and to man the telephones at the offices in Funtley Court, Fareham, Hampshire, UK.

An opportunity arose to sell the Business Services to a local firm. This effectively left me with the computer contracting side of the business and also allowed me to spend more time on my motor racing.

And so in 1998 I left behind the busy life of working on a contract by day and working in my office at night to set-up the company once more in my office at home. Having contracted out my services from the home office from 1987 until the start of Terra Novus in 1993 this was not a new venture, merely a shift in emphasis.

With the beginning of the new Millenium new challenges were ahead of us as our thoughts began to move towards retirement. In 2006 we sold up in England and moved permanently to NE Florida.


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